Free Mini-Course: Secret Sauce for French Defense

Free Mini-Course: Secret Sauce for French Defense

Picture this.

You’ve set up an unbreakable defense that White just can’t bust through.

It’s like you’ve got an impenetrable fortress.

Then you pick one of the winning combos and totally outplay your opponent… positionally.

With nearly zero risk.

The best part?

And you can pull this off again and again by tweaking just a few small things.


IM Kushager Krishnater has crafted a complete repertoire for Black, centered around the French Defense lines that boast the highest winning percentage! He’s thrown in a bunch of not-so-well-known responses to the usual moves, giving you a serious edge.

French Defense

This 10-hour masterpiece is out of our Lab and will be available for you on Thursday, February 8th at 8 A.M. EST.

But if you’re eager to get started right now…

IM Krishnater is giving a private 40-minute overview of this repertoire.

And we are giving it away for free.

Click here to get Modern French Defense: The Intro

Want to unlock your positional genius?

IM Krishnater’s Modern French is your ticket. Boost your win rate with Black.

Don’t miss out on the launch offer!

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Updated 02.07.2024