It’s here

It’s here

Okay, big update!

I have something you will love… if you want to become a MUCH stronger chess player.

I’ve been telling you about the 5 Key Elements to Improve at Chess and our brand-new Road to 2200 Program that we put together with IM David Fitzsimons…

And now it’s 100% ready!

These Exact Training Methods Produce Results Like These…

elo boost

While a typical player using other methods improves on average under 100 points a year…

IM Fitzsimons studied 100s of his top students and came up with the 5 Key Elements to Improve at Chess

Next, he boiled it all down into an all-in-one training…

That’s what became the Road to 2200 Program.

And because we are not all professional players or chess coaches, we need a Tested-and-Proven System to follow.

We need a way to just follow the training and get the results…

  • That does not require us to come up with everything from scratch
  • That can be used by club players and tournament players at any age
  • That only takes a few hours per week

Road to 2200 Program is a 10-week training that seamlessly hits on the 5 Key Elements to improve your game.

And this is how it works… Each week you will:

road to 2200 chess training

…Train for 1-2 hours per day, 3 times per week for 10 weeks.

But, I Have to Warn You…This is an Advanced Training.

And it is only suitable for ambitious players that are ready to put in work and get MASSIVE results.

If you truly looking to improve your game, this is your real chance!

And We are LIVE…

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Updated 01.11.2024


Alax hopper:
It all started when I wanted to find a place to play online against my friends in real-time. Fortunately, there are lots of sites that do this. I like you 5 Key Elements that will help me to Improve my Chess. Thank you.