The Colle System – Free Course

The Colle System – Free Course

What if there was a universal setup for White…

…that you could play against any Black’s moves?


You set the pawn triangle with c3-d4-e3.

Next, you develop the Bishop to d3 and the Knight to f3, castle short.

And there you have it: an ideal setup leading to excellent middlegame positions.

develop the Bishop to d3 and the Knight to f3

What does this mean for you?

The good thing is, GM Lemos played Colle System for years and scored a lot against everyone from club players to super GMs.

He took a decade of experience, compressed it into a 5-hour training, and made it quick and easy for you to understand.

The full course will be available for you starting on Thursday, April 25th at 8 A.M. EST! 

And as always, you can get an early start with GM Lemos’ free mini-course showing off some of the things only Colle System could do…

Want to add a bulletproof opening to your repertoire? Why not get started with Lemos’ latest mini-course on the Colle System?

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Updated 04.24.2024