Destroying the Castle with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

Destroying the Castle with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

“Castling is safe. Castle early while you still can.”

Isn’t that what everyone says? Guess what – they are WRONG!

Take a look at how Kasparov destroys Mephisto (the computer engine) and his castled king in this game in 1985…

In his new course ‘Destroying the Castle’, FM Tekeyev shows you that even a castled king can be demolished in a few moves at times.

Using over a dozen of chess games as live examples, he demonstrates how often castling actually turns your position into a disaster at times and how to take advantage of that.

It often starts with a sacrifice out of the blue, then demolishing the enemy camp, and finally, ending it with a fatal blow that ends the game.

Want to score a full point at your next tournament? Wait for your opponent to castle. Then, see if you can exploit those little protectors of the enemy king – the f, g, and h pawns.

Not sure how?

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Spot hidden tactical opportunities. The first step to becoming a great chess player is to find the right ideas amidst the chaos. It gets easier if you know where to look for it. Tekeyev shows you how…
  • Calculate like a machine. Regardless of the level of chess you play. The videos and the PGN files will help you master the essential attacking patterns making it so easy for you.
  • Take your game to the next level. It’s about disrupting your usual thought process and widening your chess experience. Let Tekeyev show you how to take chances and come out as a winner in the end.

If you are a tactical player and you wish to add a few more extra points to your ELO rating, while keeping it fun and adventurous, this course is for you.

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Updated 02.08.2024