Exchange like a Grandmaster with GM Sipke Ernst [TCW Academy]

Exchange like a Grandmaster with GM Sipke Ernst [TCW Academy]

The Art of Exchanges is one of those under-the-radar ‘super skills’ that all the strong players possess, and the rest doesn’t quite get.

It is perhaps the most important, very underestimated SKILL in chess.

Few players, other than IMs and GMs realize how powerful that skill really is.

Needless to say, over 95% of club players do not put much thought when it comes to exchanging their pieces or pawns. If the exchange looks “fair” or “equal” why not swap a pair of bishops, trade the knight, or few pawns?

Simplification is good… right?


If you have a similar thought process, I have bad news for you.

You have no chance against a GM or IM. Perhaps even no chance against master-level players.

After every “equal-looking” exchange your position will deteriorate until you lose.

But no worries, there is an easy fix!

Dutch Grandmaster and FIDE Trainer Sipke Ernst has developed a game-changing training to make sure your position IMPROVES after every exchange you make.

Watch the Video Preview:

This ideology allowed him to break 2600 Elo while beating some of the strongest GMs on his way.
With this 3-hour course, you’ll get the complete blueprint to exchanges, and you will improve your positions every time you decide to swap pieces. You will know exactly which pieces to exchange and which to keep.

Think about it.

You exchange pieces or pawns over a dozen times in each game, and every time you gain a little edge. Eventually, you end up with better pieces and better pawns. You grow your advantage on an autopilot. It’s like compound interest in chess!

Here is what you’ll discover:

  • How Grandmasters think when it comes to exchanges: a simple process to keep in mind
  • Good and bad reasons for exchanging pieces
  • Capablanca’s winning approach to winning exchanges – creating a technical win
  • What are the strategic exchanges and the must-know exchange objectives
  • Exchanging for the attack
  • Material imbalances and how exchanges affect the evaluation of the position

Time to get started!

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Updated 02.08.2024