TheChessWorld Academy – Coming THIS WEEK!

TheChessWorld Academy – Coming THIS WEEK!

Sorry for making you wait so long… but we wanted making it just perfect for you!

We start brainstorming ideas for TCW Academy in early 2019, and by the time we got everything together and start coding and filming, and coding and filming… it was already summer.

Something that we expected to take us 3-5 months, actually took us over 9 months 🙂

Finally, I can announce that we are launching TCW Academy this week!!!

If you haven’t yet joined our early invite list – here is your last chance.

What is TheChessWorld Academy?

TCW Academy is a streaming video platform with a seamless integration of analytics and training.

The Academy is a premier chess community for players, coaches, enthusiasts, parents, and fans of the game.

It is a place where you can learn ALL the bells and whistles of chess, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow to new heights.

TheChessWorld Academy

What we do?

We take a guess work out of chess equation to help make rapid progress and growth.

If you are looking for the way to substantially improve your chess understanding, win more games, boost your rating, earn FIDE title and trophies or just enjoy more wins in your casual games you are in the right place.

Why we do it?

We are on the mission to provide highest quality chess content, available to everyone, anytime.

And to help 10,000 chess players take their game to a completely new level.


We do it because we believe that chess players deserve having access to this kind of amazing resources – and it can change the World.

What are you getting?

Clear Objective – Help You Get Better

All of our courses have a single goal a mind – make you a better chess player one step at a time. Whether it is strategy, opening prep or middlegame themes our TCW Academy courses are the quickest way to acquire the new skill, learn new opening or improve your endgame play.

8 Fundamental Skillsets

Focused on the 8 fundamental skillsets you can pin-point with the laster accuracy what skill do you want to develop first. This would lead to a tremendous positive impact on your game and overall chess performance.

What that means for you? No more guessing on what to train. Pick a skillset and work your way to the mastery.

4 Difficulty Levels

Pick the courses based on your current level. If you are a beginner, there is no need to work on the advanced stuff. Choose from 4 different difficulty levels to make sure you get the most for your time!

TheChessWorld Academy


Dedicated Team of GMs and IMs

The Team of over a dozen of strong GMs and IMs is here to take your game to the next level. Your success is simply inevitable.

Final Exams are Included

Final exam is included and required to complete the course. We want to keep ourselves accountable and so should you. The certificate of completion is granted after each and every successfully finished course. We want to make sure you actually learn and can use this stuff in your games.

TheChessWorld Academy


PGNs Come Standard

We believe that analyzing games on your own helps with achieving your goals quicker. We care about your results. This is a huge part of our mission.

Complete Stats

Access your complete lesson-by-lesson stats in TCW Academy profile. We believe in “what gets measured, gets improved”. Track your progress. Watch your improvement live.

Request a Course Feature

You can request a course on a specific topic or theme. Want to learn a specific opening line? Just ask for it. If we are missing something and receive sufficient number requests we will film it.

Focus Mode

We got rid of all the unnecessary and distracting elements on the training screen. We want to make sure you learn the concepts, and study in a distraction free environment.

Constantly Evolving Chess Library

We are committed to constantly updating our chess library, adding more courses, and covering all possible topics there is. The final goal is giving your all the resources you need to become a chess player you’ve meant to be!

Questions & Answers:

We received a lot of feedback, questions, and suggestions even before going live.

Let me address some of the most common and important ones:

Q. What’s the price?

A. The subscription to TCW Academy grants access to all the features and videos. It is $19.95/month or $199.95/year.

Q. Why can’t it be single payment access?

A. We are constantly updating our library by filming and adding new courses, that’s why TCW Academy is a subscription-based service.

Q. What’s available at the start?

A. 11 full-length courses, 75 lessons, and access to exams and PGNs are available on Day 1.

Q. Are the Academy courses different from TheChessWorld video courses in the store and the 21 Day Course?

A. TCW Academy video courses and training materials are made specifically for the Academy, those are brand-new courses, and not available anywhere else [not even in TCW Store]

Q. Do I need to download the courses?

A. Nope. You can stream all the videos straight from your PC, Mac or a Phone.

Q. Are PGNs downloadable?

A. Yes, you can download the PGNs for the course.

Q. How often do you add new courses?

A. We are committed to releasing new chess lessons on bi-weekly bases [that’s twice a month]. There could be some deviations in the schedule, but that’s we will do our best to keep the library updated. Promised.

Q. Can I go through the course more than once?

A. Absolutely! Feel free taking any course as many times as you need to absorb all the important concepts and ideas!

Q. Is TCW Academy suitable for beginners, club level or advanced players?

A. The beauty of the Academy is it’s suitable for players of any level from 0 to 2000+. You can select the level of the courses you want to take.

Q. Am I limited to only one category of courses [Elementary, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced]? Can I take higher-level courses even if I’m a beginner?

A. Absolutely. You are not limited to only one category, you get access to the entire library as long as you are an active subscriber.

Q. What payment methods do you take?

A. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards as well as PayPal. To use PayPal please refer to the image below:



Q. Do you have a short sample video?

A. Here it is:

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Updated 02.08.2024


Yury Markushin:
Hello Frank, thanks for your message. Here is what's available at start: + Scotch Opening + Calculation and Initiative + Knight in the Middlegame + Positional Mastery I + Positional Mastery II + Bishop Pair + Converting Advantages + Albin Counter-Gambit + Chigorin Defense + How to Attack + Kasparov Middlegame Secrets
Can you give examples of what the advanced opening videos are about? I'm interested in the academy but for me it feels like a blind bargain as I do not know what the videos are about. Cheers Frank
Yury Markushin:
Hi Thomas, thanks for your message! After completing the course and taking the final exam, you will be able to download the certificate of completion in your profile. Hint: You'll need to score at least 80% to get the certificate :)
Congrats on launching the Academy! Just got a yearly plan, great stuff! One question that I didn't see covered. How do I get a certificate? Thank you! Tom
Yury Markushin:
Hello Duda, thanks for stopping by. The courses are currently only available in English.
Yury Markushin:
Hello Nem, good question! Absolutely. It does not matter what level you are at, you get access to the entire library of courses. You are not limited to only Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Let me know if that makes sense :)
Yury Markushin:
Hello William, great question. We do accept Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal. Even though the prices are given in USD, your method of payment can still be used and currency conversion will happen automatically.
William Gu:
With the payment thing can you accept other currencies?becuase I really want to be able to use the features.
Nem Gonzales:
I am in the intermediate level “ I think “. I can not be sure about that. Can I study the advance course also? Can I study the Beginner Course also? I mean, jumping from a specific level to another level is okay?
Vai tem em português
Yury Markushin:
Hello Bill, great question! The 21 Day Course is a standalone product and is not part of the Academy that we are launching.
bill hooper:
i just signed on the 21 day package plus the 2 additional academy relate to that