Planning for Beginners with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [TCW Academy]

Planning for Beginners with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [TCW Academy]

If you are a beginner who wants to be a part of the chess elite one day, then we have good news for you!

In the hushed atmosphere of chess tournament rooms worldwide, the most profound sound is often SILENCE

The soft ticking of clocks, an occasional cough, or the gentle shuffle of a chess piece are the only breaks in the quiet.

In these moments of high tension, audiences are drawn into the board. They are also captivated by the strategic genius in front of them.

Every move the players make, every piece they advance, tells a tale – not just of the game’s flow, but of the intricate planning and foresight behind each decision.

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic invites you to embark on a journey where planning isn’t just about looking two or three moves ahead. It’s about seeing the grand narrative of the game, understanding the pieces as if they came alive!

IM Zlatanovic carefully curates each chapter, ensuring you get a holistic view of planning, integrating lessons from the past and present.

Don’t miss the opportunity to solidify and upgrade your planning skills.

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Updated 12.20.2023