Best Chess Apps and PC Software for Playing and Training

Best Chess Apps and PC Software for Playing and Training

Modern chess applications, along with chess mobile apps as well as chess training software, are an integral part of players’ lives. They offer unparalleled convenience and functionality. From accessing millions of games to getting paired with a player from another part of the globe. Applications have truly made the game a global sport and brought the world closer.

There are so many applications that it can become tricky to choose the correct and best chess app. In this article, we will take a look at the best chess applications. You can use these apps to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you’re a casual player or an aspiring grandmaster, these applications promise an enriching journey.

Top 5 Chess Mobile Apps for Playing and Training

#1 Chess- Play and Learn (Desktop, iOS and Android)

The app that bears the game’s name is the top go-to website. This online chess app offers the highest number of concurrent players. The number of people it hosts is staggering and you can get a game at any time of the day.

It is a versatile arena for chess players of all levels, offering games with flexible time limits. It provides a range of features. This makes it one of the best chess game apps.

There is no immediate paywall. You can play as many games as you like with no costs incurred.

It also contains many modules of master instruction. You can access these to train yourself and get better.

#2 Lichess (Desktop, iOS and Android)

Lichess is a free and open-source platform to play chess online. It is the best free chess app available online. You can play and train in this app. The game modes are easily accessible with many formats to choose from. In the online chess app, you can also play versions of chess apart from regular chess.

Lichess also pioneered the arena system of matchmaking. It makes tournaments fun and exciting.

#3 Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf (iOS and Android)

This online chess app is one of the best chess tutor apps available on mobile platforms. It helps you start from the basics and progress to an advanced level.

It has a simple, clutter-free interface. The app has several mentors to help track your progress in the game. After the game, you get to review your mistakes and learn from them. It is the best chess app for learning and can take your game to the next level.

#4 ChessRoyale (iOS)

A fun app with lots of customization is ChessRoyale. It is one of the top-ranked chess apps on iOS. To get a game in this chess app you have to choose one of the available game modes and the app will pair you up with another person. The chess app uses the regular rating system and you can play rated games.

When you are finished playing you can review the games or train with set positions to get better. The experience is highly gamified and customizable.

#5 Shredder Chess (Desktop, iOS and Android)

If you want a definitive experience of playing a chess engine then Shredder Chess is the app to go. This online chess app has an intuitive design and you can get a game against the engine quickly. The app boasts of an adaptive sparring partner that plays according to your strengths and needs.

5 Best Chess Apps for playing with friends

#1 PlayMagnus (iOS & Android)

One of the biggest highlights of this app is that you can play against an engine that imitates Magnus and tries to play like Magnus. It is one of the best chess apps to play with friends.

It is a learning chess app as Magnus Carlsen discusses the games and problems he had to solve on board. By learning Carlsen’s games against great players you get to see inside the mind of a genius at work. The method uses creative chess teaching and drills to enhance abilities and pattern-recognition tools to plan.

The chess app provides dozens of lessons and mini-courses. Other chess applications seem like game shop boards, but this app has unique chess pieces.

#2 SocialChess (iOS & Android)

If you’d rather utilize an online chess application with a smaller, more personal community than Lichess or, SocialChess is a good option.

It is a good app to play online chess with friends.

You can get a game in two ways: either you may create a challenge at any game mode you like, or you can look at available games lobby to choose a game. You may also select from various game board customizations and playing settings.

#3 Champion Chess (iOS)

This app is designed to provide you with one experience: The magic of becoming a champion. You can select from a plethora of opponents. You play games and craft your journey to become a champion. It is one of the best chess game apps available in the app store.

To take it to the next level you can participate in the championships. You compete with other players to become with ultimate champion.

#4 Really Bad Chess (iOS & Android)

What if you got bored of chess rules? Is there a way to play chess most haphazardly and chaotically? Really Bad Chess strives to give you that experience. It takes a page out of Chess960 and gives you random positions with random pieces.

The result is a chaotic yet fun experience. Here you fight against the computer in uncharted territories.

You can set up duels with your friends and it ranks as one of the best chess apps to play with friends.

#5 Chess- Clash of Kings (iOS & Android)

Clash of Kings allows you to play fast chess modes and take part in simple, medium, and hard tournaments. It is one of the best free chess apps of 2023.

The more chess games and puzzles you solve the more gold you get. The gamification is good and keeps you coming for more. Whenever you feel stuck the app will guide you through the task.

You need not worry about getting positions wrong. This app will help you to learn from it and get better.

Top 5 Free Chess Training Software for PC

#1 Decode Chess

Decode Chess aims to revolutionize the way chess players interact with engines. Engines show never-ending lines with a cold evaluation. Such outputs are not always helpful to players who want to know the ideas and plans in a position.

Decode Chess breaks down the engine move into understandable sentences. Players can hence train from this and improve their game.

This chess application has won numerous recognition and players laud it for its functionality.

#2 Fritz

Fritz has been the standard chess training platform for professionals. This chess app offers a variety of features. These features help both the amateur and professional players.

You can play games against multiple personalities. The program will rate the game for you. There are also nifty features available during a game. It is one of the best apps for chess training.

#3 Chessmaster

One of the pioneering programs to introduce the idea of playing against multiple levels. Chessmaster provides multiple learning options. The game settings are highly customizable and you change them according to your needs. You can even set up this chess app to play with friends.

You can analyze the game in detail using the after-game lessons by the program. These contain all the mistakes and improvements.

The Chessmaster chess app offers good performance and holds steady on a decent-spec computer.

#4 Lucas Chess

Lucas Chess is an excellent chess learning tool. It is suitable for players of all skill levels. You can select which level you want to compete against. The chess application records the games and you can analyze them using the inbuilt engine.

It is an amazing chess tutor app. The best part about Lucas Chess is that it gives you a few suggestions that can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game.

The Lucas Chess Tutor does a great job of breaking down your game for you. If the move you’ve picked isn’t the optimal one, the tutor will recommend a better one.


HIARCS was one of the first chess programs to provide database management. The program is quick and can run on any computer. It doesn’t require advanced system requirements unlike some of the programs.

The user interface is simple but you need to meddle around to fully learn it. The database can be finicky at times but it gets the job done.

How to earn money by playing chess?

Playing chess can help you net additional income. If you are a really good player then it can be your main source of income as well.

Players earn money by playing in a prized chess tournament. You can aim for the section prizes or top prizes. Some tournaments reward the players handsomely.

Another method is to contact private players to help on your chess journey. They can provide the monetary aid necessary to establish a career.

Chess Streaming and Content Creation: With the rise of platforms like Twitch and YouTube, chess enthusiasts can earn money by streaming their games, and providing commentary.

You can host events where you play against multiple opponents simultaneously. Participants pay to compete against you, and if successful, you can earn fees for such exhibitions.

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Updated 12.30.2023