7 Best Chess Games Played with Evans Gambit

Evans Gambit is an aggressive line of Giuoco Piano. The opening is named after William Evans, who is the first player to use it. This opening quickly became a popular choice for many great masters including Anderssen, Morphy, and Chigorin. Eventually, Emanuel Lasker came up with the novelty that allowed getting an upper hand by returning the pawn. The opening was not popular for the majority of the 20th century, up until Garry Kasparov won some decisive games with it. Today we will see some of the best games played with the Evans Gambit.

Evans Gambit game 1:

game 2:

Evans Gambit game 3:

game 4:

Evans Gambit game 5:

game 6:

Evans Gambit game 7:

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Updated 06.08.2023


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