Initiative Gaining Algorithm – Free Course

Initiative Gaining Algorithm – Free Course

What if you could take some creativity… Gain tons of initiative… And finally, launch a vicious attack on your opponent’s king… without ever going into the endgame?

Might sound impossible to most players, but that’s just another day over the board for David Bronstein.

His biggest genius?

Gaining initiative.

Learn how to do this and chess will become very easy for you.

What does this mean for you?

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic just finished filming a 10-hour training based on Bronstein’s system for gaining initiative and launching winning attacks fueled by creativity.

Best part?

You can start learning about this super-skill today:

Click here to grab your Initiative Gaining Algorithm Mini-Course!

Mark your calendars. The full course will be out and ready for you on Thursday, June 6th at 8. A.M. EST!

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Updated 06.04.2024