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Yury Markushin
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Dear reader,

the 2014 is almost over and it was a great year for chess and for TheChessWorld.com. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a very successful New Year!

Here is the list of the most significant things that happened on our site this year:

1. We are committed to provide you with the highest quality chess content and release 3-5 new articles every week.

We cover topics such as positional chess, typical middlegame structures, important endgame positions, tactical puzzles and studies, book reviews, opening theory, tournament coverages and much more.

If you have any requests for chess articles fell free to write me a line or two 🙂

Our mission is to make a better chess player out of each and every one who opens our site.

2. To get the latest updates please sign up for our newsletter on the right sidebar, you will also receive a complimentary study guide which will provide you with a step-by-step self-improvement plan.

3. We have put together and released a comprehensive, high intensity training program which already helped hundreds of chess players all over the world to gain confidence, and learn how to train at chess to get the results. Some players picked up as many as 300 elo points after completing our course. You can be next!

4. We are excited to announce the release of an expansion packages for 21 Days to Supercharge Your Chess Training Program.

In the original course we focus mostly on the following topics:

– attacking chess

– middle-game tactics

– simple endgame ideas and endgame tactics

– as well as on many other very important aspects of chess (game analysis, blunder avoidance, training routine, psychological element of chess, working on you own weaknesses, self-analysis, etc.)

What will be added?

1) We will add full 10 days of comprehensive training in which we will concentrate on positional chess.

That is something that many amateur players have trouble with and there is no simple, yet instructive guide available that covers these most fundamental positional ideas in great detail. By grasping the positional chess ideas, you will be able to unleash your full potential and win games.

2) The endgames are very important and most under-rated element of chess at below 2200 elo level. In other words, if you want to win more games, study endgames. Period.

We have developed comprehensive series of interactive endgame tutorials that will cover 15+ most important endgame positions that every competitive chess player must know.

How do I know,I got it?

After studying the tutorials, you will be offered to play out the position you just studied against an engine paired with the endgame tables. That means it plays perfect chess endings. If you have understood the concepts from the tutorial, you will beat it. If not, you can go ahead and study the lesson again before challenging the mighty opponent.

3) You will also have an access to all-new comprehensive guide that teaches how to use ChessBase to work on your openings and will give you the resources you need and a step-by-step guidance to develop a very reliable, professional grade opening repertoire for both colors.

The release is planned on early 2015. Stay tuned!

Q. Should you get the program now or should I wait for the new package to come out?

A. I would suggest getting it now, in that case you can finish the 3 week course by the time the second part comes out. It is a separate packages, new lessons, etc. but is a continuation of the first part.

Have any questions about the course? Please contact us.

5. Thanks to Mr. Ryan Cook, We have implemented a new chess game viewer which supports not only standard PGN, but also the graphical notation. You can see it in action Carlsen – Caruana, Sinquefield 2014 and The Bishop Pair: 5 Things to Know.

6. Thus far more than 6.2 million chess players from all over the world have visited TheChessWorld.com, while almost 250 thousand of which came in a previous month along. That is awesome, we are very grateful for your support!

We want to recognize and thank all people who have contributed materials to our website:



GM Alexander Ipatov






WGM Natalia Pogonina






IM Renier Castellanos






WIM Raluca Sgîrcea






IM Sagar Shah






WGM Meenakshi Subbaraman












Jeffrey Vollmer






John Herron






Laura Sherman






Merike Taal






Roumen Bezergianov






Ryan Cook



And also myself,




Yury Markushin




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Updated 01.11.2024


Syed Bilal Ahmad:
I am really thankful to you. I really feel that I have improved my chess a lot. thank you all. :-)
Otmar Trytko:
Hallo Yuri,thanks for your chess news . I wish the best in 2015. Have a good time . Sincerely Otmar