How to Start a Chess Game?

How to Start a Chess Game?

In this article, we will delve into how to start a chess game and learn how a beginner player can start a chess game.

Once a player starts their chess journey, one of the first things they must do is learn how to start a chess game. So many moves are available to a player at the start of the game. The possibilities exponentially increase with every move a player makes.

One can say this is the first instance where a beginner player experiences complexity in chess -The choice of how to start a game. Decision fatigue can set in when a player faces innumerable choices in front of him. More often than not the beginner player tackles this by playing a random move without logical objectives. To avoid this, we must learn how to start a chess game with logic and clarity.

Best Way to Start a Chess Game

For a beginner player, the best way to start a game is to first learn what options they have at their disposal. Here doing two things gives the best return on investment. One Is to learn the basic rules and the other is to explore chess opening principles.

Learn the basic rules

Every player starts to play chess by learning the basic rules. Without this, a legal game is not possible.

So, it is imperative that a beginner player goes through the process of understanding and absorbing the basic rules. This helps to set the foundation for future knowledge.

Opening Principles

After completing the above step, the player can delve into the world of openings. Chess opening principles teach a player how to open a chess game. All chess games start with the opening moves. An ‘opening’ in chess is a combination of moves from both sides with an underlying strategy.

A beginner player should also be careful not to be caught in the vast number of opening options.  A natural question is there are so many openings for White and Black then how to choose the correct one?

You can tackle this question by breaking down this part into two sides.

How to start a chess game for White

Top players prefer White to play for a win. The reason for this is that the advantage of the first move allows the player to choose the game of his or her liking.

This helps to steer the game in a favorable direction. Often the first move advantage helps a player to fight for the initiative and wrestle the game away from the opponent.

Therefore, when beginner players play a chess game, the best way to start a chess match is by playing a principled opening.

Some of the principled openings to start a chess game for White are:

  • Ruy Lopez
  • Italian Game
  • Queen’s Gambit

To learn more about chess openings for white, check out this handy guide.

After playing principled openings for a while, a player can move on to other ways to open a chess game. What a player chooses depends on his or her objective of playing chess and style.

How to start a chess game for Black

If White has the first move, then is Black in trouble? Not really, Black player can also fight back in a variety of ways.

The Black player has many choices here as well. To choose the correct path one must first understand how he or she intends to fight white.

Do they like to hold the center and slowly provoke the opponent? Or Do they like to play provocatively to increase the chances of an error from White? It all depends on the player’s intention and style.

A good chess strategy is that if White plays a principled opening, then Black should also reply with a principled opening. Such chess games start a strategic battle where the player with more experience will win.

Some of the principled and best ways to start a chess game for Black are

  • Mainlines of Ruy Lopez and Italian Game
  • Queen’s Gambit Declined
  • Sicilian Defense

Read up on chess strategy

Once a player learns how to start a chess game then the next logical step is to learn how to conduct a game.

A player plays familiar moves in the start but at some point, he will exhaust his knowledge. At this point, he will have to rely on a basic strategy.

This basic strategy stems from the basic understanding of the game. Therefore a player who has a better basic understanding will play better strategically than the player who doesn’t.

There are many ways to learn chess strategy. Here at TheChessWorld, we have many Beginner-friendly strategy courses to get you started on chess strategy.

Play Chess With Computer and Friends

Continuous gameplay is the sure-shot way to play better. There are many mediums where one can find a game to play.

The easiest and quickest way is to ask friends. Playing with them also increases the fun factor and competition.

Another quick way to start a chess game is to play with the computer. There are many online servers for playing chess.

To get a game going a player has to select the time control and then the chess game starts automatically.

The 5 Online Chess Courses for Beginners

Chess Strategy for Beginners with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic

IM Boroljub Zlatanovic has just recorded a 3-hour training on Strategy for Beginners covering the 3 most important aspects: Center Control, Development, and Opening Principles.

Beginner’s and Amateur’s Course with FM Yuriy Krykun

This is a true beginner’s course that will take you from just ‘knowing the rules of the game’ to a competitive player who can hold his ground against more experienced opponents.

Comprehensive Beginner’s Course: 0-1400 ELO

Don’t grab the Calculus book until you get your Algebra straightened out!

This course is “Algebra I” for chess players. If you are not proficient at chess fundamentals, you won’t be seeing improvement any time soon! However, if you are, you will benefit from many of the advanced courses (that you may already have) much greater!

Positional Chess for Beginners with GM Marian Petrov

This GM Marian Petrov’s course is meticulously designed to guide beginners through the nuances of positional play in chess, a key element often overlooked but crucial for consistent success.

Learn to Play Chess for Beginners with IM Mat Kolosowski

In this 3-hour premium video series, Mat is going to handhold you through from knowing nothing about chess to being able to play a decent chess game from start to finish.


The best way to start a chess game is by learning basic rules and chess-opening principles. A beginner player who learns these and practices them diligently and patiently will improve in chess quickly.


How to Start Playing Chess Online?

You can start playing chess online by joining an online chess community or server. These sites will help you pair with other players online.

How to Start Playing Chess Professionally?

The first step is to seek expert guidance. The expert will chart a roadmap to becoming a chess professional. Chess professionals analyze grandmaster games and network with chess circles.

How to Start Playing Chess Openings?

The best way to start playing and learning openings is by studying opening courses and databases.

How to Start Playing Chess Seriously?

A player can play chess seriously by practicing daily and pushing his or her skill further by engaging in difficult puzzles. Doing these activities diligently will improve the level of the player.

How to get started playing chess?

To start playing chess, first learn the basic rules of the game. The next step is to learn chess opening principles to play the best moves in the opening.

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Updated 02.27.2024