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Daniel, a seasoned chess player and writer from the United States, has over a decade of playing experience and more than 5 years of teaching experience.

Formerly a member of the US Chess Composition team, he has made significant contributions to the chess community, notably establishing programs to teach chess in underserved schools in the Southwest.

Chess Articles by Daniel

10 Reasons to Play the Czech Pirc

10-reasons-to-play-czech-pircCzech Pirc: Do you wish you could find a more reliable Black opening? Are you interested in learning a new defense against 1.e4 without much theory? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we recommend you to take a look at the Czech Pirc: a solid, easy-to-learn opening bursting with potential for action!

10 Reasons to Play the Chebanenko Slav

10 reasons to play chebanenko slavChebanenko Slav: a solid, quiet opening bursting with potential for action! Are you unsatisfied with your current Black opening? Have you felt lost when it comes to planning middlegame strategies? Are you interested in learning a new defense against 1.d4? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I recommend you to take a […]

The Minority Attack with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

minority attackHave you ever found yourself in middlegame positions with no idea of what to do next? Are you tired of having to play dull, boring games with way too many piece trades? If so, TCW Academy introduces an exciting new course on the Minority Attack with FM Zaur Tekeyev. This course will push you to […]

10 Reasons to Play the Hyper Accelerated Dragon

10-Reasons-to-Play-Hyper-Accelerated-DragonAre you tired of having dull, defensive games as Black? Do you want to take charge of the course of your game? If so, TCW recommends you to take a look at the Hyper Accelerated Dragon: an aggressive opening for Black that will keep White on his/her feet! As Black, there are thousands of openings […]

10 Underrated Reasons to Study Chess Tactics

10 underrated reasons to study chessBEWARE: this may change the entire trajectory of your chess career! When you think about studying chess tactics—also known as chess puzzles—you may imagine a set of moves that transform some initial losing/neutral position to a significantly more winning one. Though that is true, the reasons you should study them are not only to help […]

The Dutch Defense with GM Petrov [TCW Academy]

dutch defenseHave you been struggling to find the perfect Black opening against 1. d4? With so many openings to choose from, it’s hard to find one that suits your chess style. Though the Dutch Defense isn’t as commonly played as other openings, it can provide you with a new, lasting, and simple-to-learn setup that can provide […]

Play 4. f3 Against the Nimzo-Indian Defense [TCW Academy]

4.f3 Nimzo Indian DefenseAre you looking for new, grandmaster-level techniques to play as White? GM Jacek Stopa is back with a new and powerful weapon against the Nimzo! This course provides you with many of the essential attacking ideas and strategies necessary to beat your opponent. Interested? Keep reading for more info about how you can transform your […]

Castling in Chess: A Complete Castling Guide

castling in chessCastling in Chess is a special move involving your king and one of your rooks. Additionally, there are only two types of castling: kingside and queenside castling. The popular French writer/reformer Voltaire once said, “The danger which is least expected soonest comes to us.” When it comes to chess, this quote is especially relevant. In […]
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