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IM Renier Castellanos is a Spanish chess player and coach who was born in 1982. He had a peak FIDE rating of 2528 and has 2 GM Norms.

He also holds the title of FIDE Trainer.

He has also won several tournaments in Spain and abroad.

He is also a popular online instructor who teaches chess students of various levels and ages on online platforms.

He has produced many chess courses and videos on topics such as positional chess, openings, endgames, and tactics.

Chess Articles by IM Renier Castellanos

Planning Chess Games Like a Grandmaster

planning gamesKnowing what you have to do in a position is the key to getting an advantage and even winning your games. Different positions require different approaches. You can’t attack in every position, just as well as you shouldn’t play quietly all the time. It is important to recognize how a position should be played and […]

Max Lange Attack: Complete Guide

Max Lange Attack is a dangerous attacking weapon that White has at their disposal in a number of openings. You can reach the same position from six different move orders and we will take a look at those in a moment. The line got its name after Max Lange, a German player, theoretician, and problem […]

How to Find a Winning Plan?

how to find winning planFind a Winning Plan: Every chess game is a collection of small plans that players come up with in order to advance their forces and outplay the opponent. Once the home preparation is over, the two players have to prove their understanding of the position on the board.

10 Reasons to Play Sveshnikov Sicilian

10 reasons play sicilian defence sveshnikovSveshnikov Sicilian: The Sicilian is the most popular answer to 1.e4 and is one of the openings we can find at any level, from club players to the very top. The reason why so many players employ it is it usually arises from unbalanced positions, with good fighting chances for both sides. It is also […]

Positional Chess: Complete Guide

Positional Chess: To improve at chess and become a strong player, one needs to include all parts of the game in their training. Tactics and strategy go hand in hand during a game and it is usually difficult to separate the two. One might be more present throughout a game than the other. But, they […]

10 Things You Can Learn from Mikhail Botvinnik

Learn from BotvinnikMikhail Botvinnik is one of the classics every player should study. He was the 6th World Champion and held the title for almost 15 years, though not consecutive. But he is also widely known as the Patriarch of the Soviet Chess School, as he trained many strong Grandmasters, with some of the most famous students […]

How to Improve Your Endgame Play: Complete Guide – TCW

how to improve endgame playChess can be divided into three parts: the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. Each one of them is equally important and, in order to become a strong player, one should include all of them in their training routine.

How to Attack the King: Complete Guide for Club Players

how-to-attack-the-kingAttacking games are always exciting to watch and analyze. It is fascinating to watch top players and World Champions conduct mating attacks, finding brilliant ideas and making show-stopping moves and sacrifices. There are players who are innate attackers and for whom creating complications, playing for the initiative and finding creative ideas comes naturally.

How to Win in Equal Positions: for Club Players

How to Win in Equal Positions: Winning a chess game is not an easy task. The days when you could win a game out of the opening are long gone. Everybody is very well prepared and the amount of information available on openings is overwhelming. Powerful computers deeply analyze most openings, which makes novelties much […]

10 Reasons to Play 1…e5 with Black

1…e5: “What should I play against 1.e4?” is a big question when creating your opening repertoire with the black pieces. There are a number of good openings for black, with the Sicilian (1…c5) being the main choice by the second player.