IM Yuriy Krykun

Yuriy Krykun is a Ukrainian chess player, trainer, and author. He holds the title of International Master (IM).

He is an acclaimed coach on lichess and has a coaching experience of 6 years in which he has accumulated over 12,000 hours of teaching.

He currently lives in the United States and attends Webster University. He has a peak FIDE rating of 2384.

He was the 2018 Under 20 Champion and the bronze medal winner in European U18 Championship.

He speaks Ukrainian, French, Russian, and Latvian languages.

He has written several books and courses on chess openings, such as The Dynamic Italian Game and The Complete Repertoire for Black

Chess Articles by IM Yuriy Krykun

Why Play the Scotch Game?

why play scotch gameScotch Game and the reasons for recommending it. In this article, I would like to explain why to use the Scotch Game as a way to combat 1.e4 e5 instead of many other possibilities that exist out there. As a person who has played nearly exclusively 1.e4 e5 on the Black side, and a person […]

The King Walk – Must Know Middlegame Patterns

king walk middlegame patternsToday, I have decided to come up with a few examples on the topic that are very challenging for any chess player – even of the highest level. This is primarily because it’s totally counterintuitive, namely using your king in the middlegame while the battle is in full swing. It’s difficult because the first thing […]

Exchange Sacrifice for Defensive Purposes

exchange sacrifice for defensive purposesToday, I would like to discuss a topic, which in my opinion, is an important and interesting one, yet hasn’t been covered extensively in chess literature. How can sacrifices be used for a successful defense? Often, we cannot hope to survive an opponent’s attack by means of normal defensive moves that improve our pieces slowly […]

Chess Fortress – 7 Must-Know Positions

chess fortressChess Fortress: What is it, how to build one, and how can this knowledge help from the practical point of view? I would like to investigate a topic, that I find extremely important, yet it feels like it’s ignored and misunderstood by most club chess players. First, let’s define, that a fortress is a position […]

Rook vs. Bishop Endgames: 5 Must-Know Positions

I’d like to devote this article to the Rook versus Bishop endgames. It is a very important endgame and is often misunderstood and misplayed at the club level. This endgame is not as complicated as you may think but requires some knowledge and precision. Rook versus bishop endgame may not be the most often seen […]

5 Rules for Mastering Chess Calculation

5 rules for mastering chess calculationIn this article, I would like to share my thoughts on the topic that is, for sure, extremely important for every chess player. That is how to calculate variations. Unfortunately, this highly interesting and crucial topic had never been covered in a great detail. The only decent source I know is the book of a […]

Irregular Exchanges

irregular exchangesIrregular Exchanges: When the game transposes into the ending and queens are off the board, people often tend to lose concentration, due to a lack of checkmating attacks. However, it’s especially in the endgame when extreme precision is required. If you make a mistake in the middlegame, you still have time to fix it. In […]
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