Play Fantasy Variation vs. Caro-Kann with GM Misa Pap [TCW Academy]

Play Fantasy Variation vs. Caro-Kann with GM Misa Pap [TCW Academy]

Fantasy Variation vs. Caro-Kann? Caro-Kann is easily one of the most solid defenses Black can come up with. Almost ZERO holes in the position.

But great chess players say, when there exist no holes, you must poke… and create them.

To most, it may seem like a fantasy.

To GM Misa Pap, it is simply playing the Fantasy Variation.

Black plays 2…d5 challenging you to stretch beyond your imagination and find a way to beat him.

That’s when you lash out a relatively uncommon move, 3.f3!

(To put it into context, Lichess has 23,968 games with e5 on the third move while only 1,864 games with this line.)

Isn’t that weakening the kingside right off the bat?

Nope, as GM Pap shows in his latest course, Play Fantasy Variation vs Caro-Kann, this might seem offbeat and dangerous BUT…

It offers a whole world of possibilities to White.

We asked GM Pap about this variation, and he came up with 3+ hour-long exclusive video training, supplementary PGN files for quick review, and an online practicum for a lifetime…

Which he is ready to give you at a discounted price only if you are eager enough to learn this variation.

Want to know more about Caro-Kann? Look at:

Fantasy Variation vs. Caro-Kann – See the video preview:

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Updated 02.01.2024