Top 10 Most Powerful Chess Motivators

We are presenting 10 motivational posters about most important aspects of chess: training, losing, openings, novelties, chance, moves, talent, intuition, pawns and psychology.

It’s is a collection of quotes by greatest chess grandmasters accompanied by images.

A picture is worth more than 1,000 words so here we go:

#1. Training

#2. Losing

#3. Openings

#4. Novelty

#5. Moves

#6. Chance

#7. Talent

8. Intuition

#9. Pawns

#10. Psychology

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The images used for the posters are from the following resources ChessPro, Susan Polgar Blogspot, wikipedia, Flickr (CC)

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Updated 11.10.2023


Sanjeev Thakur:
My weapon is intuition I play mostly on intuition.
Daniel Soares:
“I don’t believe in psychology. I believe in good moves”(Bobby Fischer)
محمد عثمان:
Translation: I am thanking you for this information is beautiful but I think this talent is not taught because it is the gift of God and can not be acquiredانا بشكركم على هذه المعلومه الجميله لكن اعتقد ان الموهبه هذه لا تدرس لانه هبه من عند الله ولا يمكن اكتسابها
Thanks John Carter, more cool things are coming, stay tuned, sign up for our newsletter to be updated with the latest and the best! Richard Meulders,maybe it's not a motivator in a standard sense.. but what it means is that the outcome of the chess game is almost always decided by a skill and not by chance, especially on the highest level. There are exceptions of course, Carlsen got lucky against Nakamura recently ;-)
Richard Meulders:
I'm not not sure about the relevance of the quote on chance. It's probably true, but I wouldn't call it a motivator. What is lacking, and what in my opinion is very important, is 'Study your mistakes because you'll find you're always making the same ones'.
John Carter:
These are definitely an amazing piece of art... I'd love to see more of these posters! Much better than just plain and boring quotes!SUPERLIKE!