Suman Chatterjee

Suman Chatterjee, also known as “Rony”, is a chess enthusiast rated 1548 on LiChess and 1300 on He lives in Kolkata, India.

Suman has 10 years of experience as a content creator and regularly contributes to TheChessWorld.

He is also interested in technology, Artificial Intelligence (Ai), and search engine optimization.

Chess Articles by Suman Chatterjee

The Hedgehog System for Black with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

The Hedgehog System for BlackThere’s a reason this 3-rank system is employed by legendary players like Portisch, Suba, Adorjan, Ljubojevic, Kasparov, and Karpov…and easily one of the most popular systems in chess. The Hedgehog System. The perfect way to keep the battle tense and avoid simplifications. If you’re a chess player looking for a versatile and flexible opening system, […]

Complete Tactics Manual for Advanced Players with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [TCW Academy]

Complete Tactics Manual for Advanced PlayersTactics for Advanced Players: You are probably tired of all the chess tactics courses that teach you what a fork is, right?

Complete Tactics Manual for Intermediate Players with IM Boroljub Zlatanovic [TCW Academy]

Complete Tactics Manual for Intermediate PlayersTactics for Intermediate Players: Take any of your games and analyze it with an engine. You will be surprised to find ALL those missed opportunities—both on your and your opponent’s side! What if you could see and take advantage of those during the game? Yes, you won this time but you may not the next […]

How to Calculate Like a Grandmaster with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

how to calculate like a grandmasterRemember the Abaci you see in ancient Chinese movies? If only CALCULATING was that easy in chess. In fact, it is often far more complicated and subtle than we realize or want to admit. Yes, yes, this piece goes here, that piece goes there, then this piece goes here… I get it.

Planning Your Game Like a World Champion with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

planning your game like a world championThey say chess is 99% tactics… But I have to disagree. Chess is 100% strategy. Think about it. From the very first move, you are trying to find a small gap… that little crevice inside your opponent’s rock-solid game.

English Opening with IM Valeri Lilov [TCW Academy]

english openingWhen two of the GOATs played an opening in a World Championship match 5 times, and… (Kasparov and Karpov played this opening in the 1984 WCC match.) The smartest chess bot plays this opening against another supercomputer for a win, you know that… The opening is worth it.

Benoni Defense with IM Valeri Lilov [TCW Academy]

benoni defense“…one of the most complicated and difficult to know and understand.” – Valeri Lilov The Benoni Defense is dynamic and dangerous…against White’s 1.d4 opening. It can be the center of your opening repertoire that can rattle White’s not-so-well-thought plans in mere few moves!

Endgame for Club Players Vol.2 with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

endgame club playersIf you think simple rook or king + pawn endings are all there is to learn when it comes to chess endgames… You are WRONG! Endgames are the most technical phase of the game. Where the first move might give you an advantage, the second one might be neutral, and the third one might make […]

Endgame for Club Players Vol.1 with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

endgame club playersMyth busted: even if you are below 1500, you still need to learn endgames. Period. Let’s face a fact. If you are spending your waking hours studying the opening theory or solving chess puzzles, and… … ignoring or stalling your ENDGAME studies, you will never get good at playing chess.

Isolated Queen’s Pawn with IM Mat Kolosowski [TCW Academy]

isolated queens pawnAn early n4 move by White and n5 by Black, followed by undermining pawn moves in the adjacent files—and there it is, the true “pride and sorrow” of chess. Not only can it win you games like a rockstar, it can also lose you games like mere simpletons!
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