Chess Openings for Beginners with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Chess Openings for Beginners with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Let GM Marian Petrov guide you through this initial phase with his new course, “Chess Openings for Beginners,” and quickly gain confidence in every new game you play!

Ever felt lost when you first faced the board?

With so many pieces and so many move options, it can be intimidating!

But, like every great journey, the first step is crucial. The opening sets the tone for the entire game, and understanding them can be your key to gaining an early advantage.

When the game begins, every move lays the foundation for what’s to come. With GM Marian Petrov’s guidance, the opening will no longer be so difficult. This 3-part video course is tailored for those looking to seriously improve their game!

Whether you’re at the start of your chess journey or simply wish to fortify your opening repertoire, this course is going to be beyond helpful for you.

Take charge of your chess progress, and learn the opening like a grandmaster: who knows, maybe one day you’ll become one, too!

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Updated 12.19.2023