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Norway Chess 2014: Rounds 6-9 Review

norway 2014 no logo   Round 6 featured two players with a strong dislike for each other as Topolov played Kramnik. Kramnik has stated publicly that he would not shake Topolov’s hand after the match win or lose. This very strong dislike for Topolov from Kramnik comes from the bathroom gate scandal when they played each other for the […]

Norway Chess 2014: Rounds 1-5 Review

norway 2014 no logoThe standard side of the No Logo Norway 2014 chess tournament started on June 3 2014. The tournament features some of the top players in the world led by hometown hero and world champion Magnus Carlsen.

US Chess Championship 2014: Final Report

Returning to the St. Louis Chess club in the upscale Central West End neighborhood for round 9 on the Men’s side and round 8 on the Women’s. Akobian lost as black against Shankland to shake-up the standings. Shankland was able to create a very active position trading his rook for two superior minor pieces while […]

US Chess Championship 2014 Review (rounds 5-7)

us chess championship 2014 (rounds 5-7)  Returning to the St. Louis Chess Club in the chess capital of the U.S. for round 5 of the U.S. Championships and U.S. Women’s Championships we see GM Var Akobian make a move at the leaders with a win as black over Timur Gareev. Akobian out played his opponent in a challenging end game. […]

US Chess Championship 2014 Review (rounds 1-4)

us chess championship 2014   The US Men’s and Women’s Championships kicked off on Thursday May 8th. The tournament is always interesting and full of surprises. The defending champions are GM Gata Kamsky FIDE 2778 on the Men’s side and GM Irina Krush on the women’s side. Timur Garrev FIDE 2751 is expected to be a major challenger on […]

Women’s FIDE Grand Prix 2013: Round 2

We are presenting the 2nd round report of Women’s FIDE Grand Prix 2014. If you’ve missed the round 1 report you may see it here. Hou Yifan is in sole possession of first with a perfect 2-0 score. White’s mastery of black was lessened in round two as both Yifan andKosintseva won with black pieces.

Women’s FIDE Grand Prix 2013: Round 1

women fide grand prix 2014One of a series of six events over a two year period. Round one of the Khanty-Mansiysk Grand Prix event started with a bang. White won 5 of the 6 games played.The only board where white did not win was in the game of Kosteniuk and Stefanova. Kosteniuk came from a large disadvantage to get […]

Anand Wins The Candidates 2014

Viswanathan Anand with a draw in round 14 of the Candidates Tournaments secures the right to a rematch with World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Anand finished a full point ahead of the field and did not lose a single game during the 14 round tournament.
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