Scandinavian Defense with FM Viktor Neustroev [TCW Academy]

Scandinavian Defense with FM Viktor Neustroev [TCW Academy]

Scandinavian Defense: Need a low-theory, and a simple-to-play response to 1.e4?

FM Viktor Neustroev recommends one of the oldest and most well-tested openings… the Scandinavian Defense.


First, White has no way of avoiding the Scandinavian after playing 1.e4. After 1…e5 the game is on!

Second, White has limited options and Black is forcing the game in a favorable direction.

Third, Scandinavian is a very tactical opening, and things get tricky for White if they don’t know the theory.

Mixing those 3 ingredients and sprinkling with the ‘element of surprise’ gets you a perfect recipe for a high-scoring opening!

FM Neustorev goes a step further and builds this repertoire around a rare 2…Nf6 variation, which requires even more knowledge and precision from White.

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Scandinavian Defense – See the video preview:

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Updated 12.20.2023