Sicilian Defense: Sveshnikov Variation with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Sicilian Defense: Sveshnikov Variation with GM Marian Petrov [TCW Academy]

Sveshnikov Sicilian: It is no secret that Sicilian Defense is the single strongest response against 1.e4.

In fact, Sicilian is so strong, that many players switched to 1.d4 altogether.

If you are looking for an opening to combat 1.e4, and looking for more than just equality… the choice is clear.

However, playing mainstream the Sicilians has its cons.

All players are well prepared against things like Najdorf, Classical Sicilian, or Dragon with white pieces.

And if you’re looking for an under-the-radar Sicilian with a great winning percentage, far less theory, clear & straightforward plans… GM Marian Petrov recommends his favorite Sveshnikov Sicilian!

GM Petrov has been playing this opening for years and achieved spectacular results with Sveshnikov against the toughest opponents.

He also coached multiple National Teams for Chess Olympiad… and Sveshnikov proved to be very effective on all levels from U10 to IMs and GMs.

Today is your chance to include Sveshnikov in your preparation.

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Sveshnikov Sicilian – See the video preview:

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Updated 02.01.2024