Unleashing the Rossolimo Attack with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

Unleashing the Rossolimo Attack with FM Zaur Tekeyev [TCW Academy]

Rossolimo Attack: Black does not play the Sicilian to play the meek lamb against White’s e4.

It’s getting ready for some action. Then he plays the knight to c6, grabbing the exact squares that White’s f3-knight is trying to control.

Oops! It’s not going to be easy it seems.


You get that light-squared bishop out and challenge that knight right away. If Black threatens the bishop with a6, who cares? You exchange the knight for your bishop and damage Black’s pawn structure for good.

Yep, there goes the attacking chances of Black in the Sicilian.

That’s Rossolimo Attack for you.

What if Black responds with 3…g6 that takes on a dragonish turn? Or 3…d6/e6 with more Ruy and Nimzo-like middlegames? Rossolimo is one of the most successful White responses against the Sicilian. But it is hardly game over for Black.

You simply landed a blow to the side of his head and disoriented him for a while. Don’t think that he is not going to retaliate with a combo of his own.

That’s where FM Zaur Tekeyev’s new training Unleashing the Rossolimo Attack will help you.

FM Tekeyev went through the standard responses that Black plays against the Rossolomi and shows you how to always have the upper hand over your opponent. With in-depth analysis and easy-to-understand commentary, this will make your study of the Rossolimo an enjoyable affair over the weekend.

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Updated 12.28.2023